Best Amazon Purchases

My Favorite Amazon Purchases

Truth be told, I’m not the biggest Amazon shopper in the world. I love the ease of Amazon, but usually, I try to buy locally or in-person at somewhere like Target to avoid the environmental hazards of shipping purchases. But, if you love Amazon, good for you! You can find all of my favorite purchases on Amazon at the links below, but I’ll let you know if I actually got it somewhere else if you’re interested in picking it up in person. From fashion to cat toys, Amazon’s got it all! Let’s get started!

Favorite Amazon Purchases

one | charcoal detox bags
My brother’s fiancé told me about these when I was over at their place, and I immediately bought a pack for my bathroom. Since I have a cat, I think these are super handy for making sure my air quality is better than normal. Truth be told, I don’t notice any difference, but it does make me feel better. My roommate and I have them scattered around the house, and when we set them in the sun to purify, we notice a significant weight loss to the bags when we bring them inside. It’s easy to hide them, and they definitely make me feel cleaner.

two | bluelight glasses
I absolutely love my Bluelight glasses. I got the transparent pair, but it looks like those are sold out. Truth be told, mine broke after the first few wears, but I was able to find the tiny screw, screw it back in place, and seal the screws in with superglue. Since I did that, they haven’t failed me once. I love the look, and they are so much cheaper than other pairs I’ve fallen in love with online.

three | bluetooth earbuds
I’ve talked about these before, but I love my new Jabra Bluetooth earbuds. As mentioned, I got mine off of NestEgg refurbished, but if you’re looking for a fresh-out-the-box pair, you can’t go wrong with ordering them off of Amazon. They fit snuggly in my ears, don’t fall out while I’m running, and have an app I can use to track them because you know I’m losing these the minute they come out of my ears.

four | scrunchies
I wear scrunchies almost daily. I will be so upset if scrunchies ever go back out of style. These are honestly my favorite ones for making it look like I tried that day with my hair. I get so many compliments on these scrunchies whenever  I wear them, and they actually hold my hair in place. I cannot recommend these enough.

five | book cart
My book cart might be my favorite purchase of 2020. I got it in April/May, and I have never been more aware of my TBR pile. I got mine from the Container Store since I could get it in person, but honestly, Amazon’s are just about the same quality. I organize mine by making the top shelf my TBR, the middle shelf my favorite non-fiction reads, and the bottom shelf my favorite fiction reads. I might make the whole thing my TBR pile once I move, but for now, I’m loving my system. The best thing, if you don’t want to use it for books, you can use it for make-up, shoes, or truly any other item you need to organize.

six | candlewick trimmer
My weirdest purchase of 2020 has 100 percent been this candle wick trimmer. It’s also my favorite purchase. I asked for one for my birthday, and everyone thought I was kidding, but proper candlewick trimming is crucial to keeping candles burning evenly. My roommate always steals mine, and it looks really cute on my nightstand.

seven| gold wire baskets
As we all know by now, I love organization. My favorite thing to find is organization bins that look cute on display. I love these gold wire baskets for hair accessories, makeup, or really anything else my heart desires. They look great on display and hold a ton of things.

eight | reusable bags
I was just telling the guy at Target that was ringing up my groceries the other day that I know reusable bags are better for the environment, but I also use them selfishly because they fit so many more things in them than the plastic bags. I got two off of Baggu a while ago, and that’s seriously all I need because they fit so much in them.

nine | cat tree
This Cat Tree is 100 percent Maggie approved. She absolutely loves this thing and so do I. It was really easy to put together, it’s held up perfectly over the last year, and my roommate donated a ruined sweatshirt to make it just a little cozier for Maggie. She would spend all day in this thing if I didn’t force her to cuddle with me.

ten | fairy string lights
What home doesn’t need fairy string lights to ramp up the cozy factor? I ordered these because I’m in full nesting mode with fall right around the corner, and they are exactly what I needed to take my home to the next level. I absolutely love how easy they are to hang up and use, and for four-packs, it’s a really good deal.

Happy shopping,

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