9.10.20 Catching My Eye
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Catching My Eye | 09.10.20

No, no, no, you haven’t lost your mind. It’s Thursday. But tomorrow is 9/11, and that day is best spent remembering the lives we tragically lost 19 years ago — not reading about the fun things I’ve found on the internet in the last seven days.

This week has been a weird one. I was in such a mood on Monday & Tuesday for no real reason, but then, I seemed back to “normal” on Wednesday. I’m going to chalk it up to Pandemic Burnout, which needs to be a real term if it isn’t already. Anyways, I’m excited for a quiet weekend spent reading and getting ice cream with friends. Let’s get into what’s been catching my eye this week…

Catching my Eye 09.10.20

one | this article featuring unproductive work habits you need to kick today
I love this list of unproductive habits that are inhibiting your life in more ways than one. I can be really hard on myself for not being productive, but sometimes tricky things like my perfectionism are keeping me from completing a task and not just playing Candy Crush. I particularly like the point about attending meetings that could have been emails — I am very passionate about utilizing my time well, and if I leave a meeting saying that should have been an email, that is one strike against you my friend.

two | these comforting movies and tv shows to curl up and watch this weekend
As I’ve been saying since the calendar struck September 1, it’s fall up in here. The best thing about fall in curling up in a blanket on the couch watching a feel-good movie or tv show. My favorites to turn on are Legally Blonde, Friends, Gilmore Girls, and 10 Things I Hate About You. Check out this list to find some other good options for a cozy fall day on the couch.

three | this pack of five face masks
I’ve finally accepted that face masks are just going to be a part of daily life, at least for a while. I broke down and bought this pack of five from Old Navy after a friend recommended them. I’ve been wearing one that I got off of Etsy since the mask mandate in Nashville was put in place (I had been wearing disposable ones prior to that), but I think I need to have more on hand for when I’m washing my other ones. These are a little bit on backorder, but I should get mine by the end of September.

four | this idea of creating tiny anchors in your life
Life is kind of a blur these days — everything is the same, and there are very few things to look forward to. Right? Wrong! Introduce tiny joys into your life every single day! That afternoon cup of coffee? Tiny anchor. That morning walk where you see the sun rise? Tiny anchor. That bath with a book? Tiny anchor. I love the idea of tiny anchors — little things to look forward to every day that anchor you in life — in the here and now.

five | this book to wrap up the summer season
My friend loaned me Beach Read, and I cannot wait to dig into it to wrap up the summer reading season. Follow Augustus Edwards and January Andrews, acclaimed authors in literary fiction and bestselling romance novels respectively, as they navigate their writing slumps on the beach. Their writing styles couldn’t be more different, but they decide to trade projects to get the creative juices flowing. Will they finish their projects, or will they fall in love?

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