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Top 5 Nashville Coffee Shops

There are few things in this world I like more than a good coffeeshop. I personally love spending a Sunday morning in a cozy spot working on blog posts and doing the crossword (I promise I’m in my early 20s and not actually 75 despite everything that tells you otherwise). Nashville has a lot to offer in terms of good food, live music, and bar hopping, but it also has a surprising amount of local coffee shops. I haven’t hit every place yet, but I’ve compiled a list of my top five Nashville coffee shops I’ve discovered thus far. Let’s get started.

1. The WellGreen Hills
I very recently discovered this spot after a coworker recommended it. I was skeptical at first, but I think it’s quickly risen to the top as one of my favorite coffee shops in Nashville. Despite being right next to a university, it’s pretty quiet, has plenty of seating, public parking, and it’s right next to a used bookstore. In addition to making delicious coffee, The Well also has a mission to provide clean water around the world. With every cup of coffee sold, a portion of the proceeds goes toward building a well for water in an area of need. So, you can sip your $5 latte without feeling too guilty since the money is going toward a worthy cause.

2. Portland Brew12 South
This has been my favorite coffee shop since I found it in March this year. It’s about half a mile from my house, so it’s super easy to get to, it’s got the perfect cozy, coffeeshop vibe I love, and there’s plenty of parking in 12 South, which is why it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods to take guests to (fun fact, I hate paying for parking). The food is just as good as the coffee, and you can easily spend hours in your spot working on a paper or people watching. It can get a little hectic, but there are plenty of corners to tuck yourself into to avoid the madness and enjoy your brew.

3. Ugly MugsEast Nashville
I discovered Ugly Mugs when a friend was visiting. We love a good coffeeshop, so we decided to check out some other areas of town I hadn’t been to yet. Like the rest of East Nashville, from my experience, Ugly Mugs is a little quirky in it’s own right. Similar to my other favorite spots in town, it’s got free parking and a strong wifi connection, but at Ugly Mugs, you also get to sip your coffee from a nontraditional cup. Instead of having ready-to-fill branded drink containers, Ugly Mugs makes use of random, discarded mugs to serve your beverages in. It adds just a little bit of personality to what would be your average cup of Joe.

4. Three Brothers CoffeeMidtown
Most people know Three Brothers for its iconic wall art outside the shop. If you’re into getting the ‘gram, I highly recommend Three Brothers, but it’s also simply delicious coffee. It’s not my perfect coffeehouse vibe, but it’s perfect if you’re in Midtown and need a quick pick-me-up after a night on the town or need to power through with your studying. You could even grab a latte before strolling through Centennial Park as it’s right across the street. It was founded by the same people that started the Cumberland Transit, an outdoor, adventure brand, and it’s right next door, so you can grab some coffee and sip while perusing hiking and camping gear.

5. 8th & Roast8th Avenue
There’s not much to say about 8th & Roast other than it’s simply good coffee. It’s a bit dimmer inside than Three Brothers, so it’s got cozy vibes if that’s what you’re going for (yes, please!). It’s easy to get work done or meet with friends to catch up, and the baristas are always super friendly. They also just opened a new location with a bit more seating and light closer to downtown if you’re in the neighborhood!

I’m not a huge coffee lover — I tend to stick with my iced vanilla lattes with almond milk — but I do love to get out of the house on the weekends to blog, and coffee shops are my poison. I make it a goal to try a new coffee shop every month. Sometimes they rock, and sometimes I never go back, but it’s always nice to explore this city and find new hidden gems every once in awhile.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop in Nashville? Your place of residence? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy adventuring,

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