Thoughts from an Erudite

I recently finished “Divergent” by Veronica Roth, and I absolutely LOVED it. Here are my first thoughts:

1. I need to read the next two books NOW.

I can’t believe how much I loved “Divergent”. I’m actually almost halfway through “Insurgent” ( the second book in the series) as I type this post. This is the first story in a long time that I have wanted to read the sequel right away. I finished it in less than four days. I tore through it because I couldn’t wait to find out what the story held. The characters grabbed my attention and the plot kept me entertained.

2. What the hell kind of name is Tobias?

And his name is originally Four, so that’s telling you something. I really can’t connect with this name. Of all things, I know this is little, but it just grates on my nerves every time I read it. I want to change it to something that encompasses all that Tobias is as a character. 

3. I wonder which faction fits me best.

While learning about all the factions, I really struggled with fitting myself into one. I think I would most fit in with the Erudite, the faction that seeks knowledge to no end. Considering my habit of reading anything I can get my hands,  and my need to know everything about everyone, I assume I would fit in best with those who value information. 

Bonus: I also wondered what my fear landscape would contain. I know one fear would be snakes, but I’m really stumped and curious about what the other ones would be and how many I would have. Overall, I’m really curious as to where and how I would fit in the “Divergent” world.

(I actually just took the Aptitude Test and got mostly Erudite. The runner up was Amity. Take it yourself and find out what faction you fall into.)

Keep checking the blog to see my review on this series.

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