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Top 5 Wednesday: Buzz Words

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This Top 5 Wednesday is all about the words. Nope, not the words in the books, but the words that get you to buy the books. You know what words I’m talking about — the buzz words on EVERY book cover that make you think, “Oh my god, I do have to read this book or my life will not be complete.” Let’s get started!

1. “Brilliantly Defies” or “Standout”
Any book worth reading, according to book jacket authors, is a “standout” on the shelves or “brilliantly defies” the genre it belongs to. There’s always that one-in-a-million book (PSST “All the Bright Places”) that really does this buzzword justice, so I’m always drawn to books that are described in this way for the one-in-a-million shot.

2. “A Real Tear-Jerker”
Anything by Nicholas Sparks. I personally love reading a book that makes me cry because it means I know WHY I’m crying. Sometimes it leaves my heart crushed, but I soldier on and keep purchasing these books that leave me in pieces by the final period.

3. “Promising Debut”
This is usually slapped across anything good by a new author. Unfortunately, they are typically a one-hit-wonder, but this one-hit portrays the best of the best. I love reading new authors and discovering new writing style.

4. “Gripping”
Reserved for novels with dark twists and turns, like “Gone Girl”, “gripping” is always likely to make me pick up a book. I love books that slap me with a surprise ending and leave me wondering what kind of mind could come up with something so dark and twisty.

5. “Provocative”
It usually pushes the boundaries about race or religion or sex roles. It’s usually the only one on the shelf, and it’s usually not that provocative. But unfortunately, I usually pick it up anyways because I’m looking for something to shake up my shelf.

Sometimes I agree with the words on the book jacket and sometimes I don’t, but most of the time I just ignore what the book jacket says and go with my gut and recommendations from friends and family.

What are your favorite buzzwords? Let me know in the comments below.

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