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Top 5 Wednesday: Hunger Games Moments

Top 5 Wednesday

With the release of the final Hunger Games movie coming out on Friday, there isn’t a  more fitting topic than to talk about our favorite Hunger Games moments! As always, I’m going to be honest with you guys — I haven’t seen Mockingjay Part 1 yet, but I did read the book! Let’s get started!


1. “I volunteer as tribute.”
Probably the most iconic moment in the whole series. Readers truly understand how much Prim means to Katniss in time between Prim’s name being called and Katniss volunteering to take her place. She knows she is walking to her death, but her sister is worth so much more than that.

2. The real or not real game.
While it’s completely heartbreaking, it’s also one of the most romantic things ever. Especially the moment Peeta asks, “You love me. Real or not real?” Your heart just has to melt. It’s required.


3. The three finger salute to Rue.
One of the most moving scenes in the entire book, second only to the scene of District 11 saluting Katniss when she visits. It displays solidarity across cultures, something we know too much of in the wake of the tragedy in Paris.


4. Katniss showing the judges what is up.
When she shoots the arrow into the apple in the mouth of the pig? Best boss-ass-bitch moment of eternity.

5. The epilogue.
It’s the perfect ending. It’s haunting, yet completes the story perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a more emotional series.

Let me know your favorite Hunger Games moments in the comments below!

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