Catching My Eye 10.23.20
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Catching My Eye | 10.23.20

Last week was a doozy, which made this week a week full of playing catch-up! I had a medical issue pop-up last week on Monday, which led to me needing a minor procedure on Thursday. The last half of my week was completely useless as I prepared for the procedure and then recovered, but on the bright side, I was well taken care of by my roommate and boyfriend, and I recovered in time to celebrate a friend’s wedding at a small outdoor ceremony.

This week was all about catching up on everything I let sit by last week. It was busy, but I feel like I accomplished most of what was on my plate. Let’s get into what’s been catching my eye this week!

Catching My Eye 10.23.20

one | this list of books to read this Halloween season
You know I love a spooky read. Check out these recommendations from Bustle ranging from modern-day thrillers to classic Stephen King horrors.

two | these funny alternatives to asking “how are you?”
“How are you?” has gotten a little stale over the years when making small talk. Try out one of these alternatives instead the next time you find yourself asking about the weather.

three | this sticker that hits the nail on the head
As you may know, I’ve recently become a little obsessed with Jo Johnson Overby and her podcast, Middle Ground Podcast. Jo and her partner, Caroline, have sticker packs they put out, and I am so tempted to buy this sticker with my favorite piece of advice.

four | this piece explaining why local elections matter
I hope everyone has a voting plan in place or has already cast their ballot for the 2020 Presidential Election, but I also hope you know how important it is to vote in every election! Local elections can change so so much, and it’s always impactful to speak your voice.

five | this book about feuding sisters on a reality show
I finished The Favorite Sister the other night, and wow was it a doozy! Brett, Lauren, Jen, and Stephanie are the returning queens of Goal Diggers, a hit reality TV show meant to empower female entrepreneurs making it on their own in New York City. Everyone has a secret to hide, and when Brett’s sister, Kelly, joins the crew, everything seems to go downhill. Switching between filming days and an interview taking place post-Brett’s murder, everything is not as it seems. There were so many twists at the end of this page-turner, I didn’t know where to aim my head.

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