Last Minute Gift Ideas
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Underrated Last Minute Gift Ideas

Was it just me or was shopping for Christmas presents was harder than usual this year? I couldn’t think of any good, creative ideas. I’ve almost got everyone covered on my list at this point, but if you’ve got some last-minute shopping to do, check out my ideas. Let’s get started!

Last minute gift guide

one | socks
This is only a good idea for those 18+ because kids will feel gypped, but I haven’t met a single adult who doesn’t love a good pair of socks for the holidays.

two | a playlist
I know we aren’t burning CDs anymore for our friends and family, but I still think a well-curated playlist for the special people in your life are some of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts.

three | your favorite marked-up book
Maybe this is just something I’d love, but what’s better than gifting your favorite copy of a book that you’ve already annotated for someone. Not only do they get a good story, but they get a peek inside your head.

four | homemade cookies
Make sure you wash your hands, but nothing beats homemade cookies. Bonus points for making their favorite flavor!

five | a Polaroid camera
If you have a friend that is always snapping pictures on their phone, an old-school Polaroid camera would be perfect for them.

six | a collection of candles
Spend an hour sniffing all the candles in TJ Maxx and pick out your favorites to gift to someone. One candle is lame, three candles is a jackpot! (I promise you can smell through your mask.)

seven | hair accessories
Scrunchies, barrettes, and headbands galore! All of the hair accessories are trending now, and they make the perfect stocking stuffer.

eight | a Book of the Month subscription
Every book lover in your life would love a book subscription. Curated selections sent right to their door? Sign them up!

nine | a cheese board
We are all loving the adult Lunchable, so help them make their dream a reality with a nice cheese board they can use when parties are back in fashion.

ten | a framed photo
In the age of social media, what’s better than a printed photo to decorate someone’s home? Add a nice frame, and you’re good to go.

eleven | a self-care package
Compile all their favorite “night-in” goodies from face masks to nail polish to chocolate to make the ultimate self-care package.

twelve | make-your-own package
This could go in so many directions! You could give them all the ingredients to make a tasty treat (cookies or hot chocolate) or you could give them all the tools and components to make homemade crafts (like jewelry or start their own scrapbook)!

thirteen | a journal
2020 helped us all focus on the little things. If you know anyone that’s trying to focus more on “the moment” in 2021, a cute journal and pen set is the perfect gift.

fourteen | a plant
I kill everything I touch, but my sister-in-law gave me a succulent one year for Christmas, and it was my favorite gift until I killed it. Succulents or a plant-your-own-garden starter kit would make perfect gifts.

fifteen | a blanket
Weighted, knitted, or just plain fuzzy, everyone is sure to love a cozy gift as we all prepare to snuggle down for the winter months.

Happy gifting,

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