Top 5 Lessons of 2018

Happy two-thousand and nineteen!

Who was more than ready to say goodbye to 2018? Who hasn’t quite gotten over their New Year’s Eve hangover yet? Hang in there, I think 2019 is going to be better than expected.

I like to reflect every December/January on the big lessons I learned in each year. Whether the year was good, bad, or just plain Jane, I know I learned important lessons throughout the 365 days. 2018 was a good but weird year for me. It was my first full year post-grad. I changed jobs multiple times due to some unforeseen situations. I traveled to new and different places. I made new friends, and I lost friends that had been by my side for years. Here I am to tell you what lessons I’m taking into 2019 with me. Let’s get started!

lessons of 2018

1. People show you who they are through their actions. Let them.
Good or bad, what people do shows you more about their character than what they say. When someone shows you who they are through their actions, look and listen. This can be both good and bad. You may assume the worst of someone, and they could prove to be loyal, supportive, and kind. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me in 2018. I hoped for the best in someone and only got the worst time and time again. I’m finally reading the message they sent me loud and clear and going into 2019 ready to accept people as they truly are. I’m hoping for more positive friendships that lift me up, make me feel loved, and support me unconditionally, and I’m thankful for the ones that have stuck by my side through 2018, you know who you are. I set an intention for 2019 to see the best in people, and I’m excited to see what I find in those around me.

2. The past is the past.
Take a step forward every day because looking back isn’t doing you any good. I have trouble letting things go — I’ve known this for quite some time. I remind myself continuously that the past is in the past, and there’s nothing I can do to change it. It’s a lesson I’ve taken with me for many years, and it looks like 2018 is no different. It’s hard to let go of what used to be, but it’s always important to try to make forward moving progress. In 2019, I think I’m finally going to get the tattoo I’ve been wanting for year that, to me, symbolizes the importance of letting go.

3. Sometimes you have to forgive someone even if they never apologize.
In your life, people are going to hurt you, whether intentional or not. Sometimes they won’t even know they hurt you. Sometimes they will. And sometimes, unfortunately, they won’t care if they do. Their behavior is a reflection of their character, but the way you choose to react is a reflection of yours. Sometimes you won’t get an apology. No matter how many times the opportunity presents itself. And you’re going to have to learn to live with that. I know I have. Forgive them anyways. Everyone is fighting their own demons, don’t let someone else’s mistakes be one of yours.

4. You should never have to prove your worth to someone who truly loves you.
True love is unconditional. It doesn’t depend on how pretty you are. Or how smart you are. Or how successful you are. It just is. And I’m not just talking about romantic love. This applies to families, friendships, relationships and everything in between. Repeat after me: You do not have to prove you are worthy of love. You are enough. Every little piece of you. And if someone can’t see you for the magical person you are, then you truly do not need them in your life. Let go, move on, and surround yourself with people who love you as you are.

5. Comparison is the thief of happiness.
Another little lesson I’ve known for quite some time but never really been able to fully grasp. I talked about this a little bit in my 2018 goals update post, but I felt it was important enough to mention again here. Your life is the only one you’ve got, so you might as well make the best of it, and how can you do that when you spend all day comparing your life to someone else’s? Focus on your dreams, make the change you want to see, and believe in yourself like it’s the only thing that matters. Because at the end of the day, it kind of is.

2018 was actually a pretty great year. Honestly, it ended on a really rough note for me, but I’m hoping to turn 2019 into my most magical year yet. What about you? Are you leaving 2018 content? Or are you saying, thank you, next?

Check back next week for a post about my resolutions and goals for the new year.

Happy adventuring,

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