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    My Weight Loss Journey

    Sport: noun. an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Source: Google Dictionary Sport: verb. exerting energy to perform physical activity, typically in a group setting with some element of competition. Source: Kimberly Honiball I use the word “sport” as a verb on a regular basis — as in, I do not sport. As a kid, I sported quite often. I played basketball from the ages of 8 until 12 and attended camps during the summer (I promise I have like 15 trophies in my childhood room from the competitions I won [not just participation trophies]). I also played volleyball in middle school…

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    Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

    This summer, while I had the time, I decided to teach myself some easy recipes for when I am living on my own. These Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers have got to be one of my favorite recipes I have ever tried. They are super easy to make (it only takes about twenty minutes to prepare the peppers before you pop them in the oven) and really versatile (you can stuff the peppers or set aside the mixture and eat it with chips as a snack). Bonus: You don’t need to cook any meat to enjoy this tasty meal! While I’m not a vegetarian (right now), I do try to eat a…

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    DIY Key Holder

    I love crafting — it’s one of my favorite ways to channel creative energy, and they make perfect gifts. I was thrilled when my mom asked me to craft a key holder for her while I was staying with her this summer. I’ve made two other key holders for my past apartments, and it’s one of the easiest crafts I’ve ever done. If you’re always losing your keys, this is the perfect thing to hang by your door or in your bedroom to ensure you’ll never be late for work again (or at least not late because you couldn’t find your keys). Materials Canvas (Any size will do, this one…

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    August Ipsy Bag: Good Vibes Only

    This is my fourth (maybe fifth) month of being an ipsy subscriber, and I absolutely love it — I talk about my obsession so much I’ve turned my friends into subscribers. What I love about ipsy (over other subscription services like it) is that I get a cute bag in addition to new beauty products every month. Like most girls I know, I love having random bags to stick all my crap in, so these glam bags have filled a gap I didn’t know was present in my life (additionally, they are great for travel). I decided to sign up for ipsy because I found that, as I was educating…

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    Music Monday: #Girlboss

    I recently got very into my Spotify playlists — I cleaned them all up (deleted songs I wasn’t into anymore and categorized more appropriately) and have been listening to music non-stop when I’m getting work done and applying for jobs. I’ve never considered myself a music person — I don’t constantly have earbuds in nor am I listening to anything new or different on a regular basis — but since graduating, I’ve found the power in music being able to motivate and inspire me even on my toughest days. If you know me at all, you know I’ve been listening to “Hamilton” regularly since spring break when I drove down to my…