• How to Love Yourself
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    How to Love Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like It

    Sometimes, I am not my favorite person in the world. Sometimes, I hate who I am. Sometimes, I can’t stand being in my own mind. And, that’s okay. We all feel this way sometimes. Self-love is hard, but it’s worth practicing because we are the only us in this whole entire world. We are the only person who loves the way we love, who thinks the way we think, and who can change the world in our own unique way. Each and every person on this Earth is different, and if we aren’t going to love ourselves, who will? I’ve been struggling a lot lately with self-love. I’ll admit, it’s a lot…

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    The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle: A Book Review

    Warning: There may be spoilers in this review. Evelyn Hardcastle is going to die. She is going to die again and again until Aiden Bishop can figure out who her killer is. Only when he figures out who is behind her untimely death will he be freed from the loop of reliving the day of The Masquerade Ball hosted at Blackheath. Aiden wakes up every day in a different person’s body. Each person is supposed to bring him more clues to piece together who is behind Evelyn’s death. But, Aiden is sidetracked when the only person he can remember before his time at Blackheath is Anna. Who is Anna, and…

  • Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 08.14.20

    TGIF! If you don’t follow me on social media, you don’t know this, but I was dog-mom until yesterday! I dog-sit for friends every once-in-a-while, and I absolutely love it, but having two kids is so different from having one — and by kids, I definitely mean animals. Maggie deals with dogs fine, but she definitely prefers to be an only child. We got some good snuggles in over the last few days to make up for her having to share her bed for the last few days. Aside from parenting struggles, this week has been pretty run-of-the-mill. Eat, sleep, work, read, repeat. Let’s get into what’s been catching my…

  • Top 5 Books of 2020
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    Top 5 Books of 2020 Thus Far

    I’ve read a total of 44 books so far this year. That is an insane amount of books for me, so at least COVID was good for something, right? While I’ve read a lot of books, I haven’t read a lot of 5 star reads this year — I’ve mostly been looking for an escape, which isn’t a bad thing, but it hasn’t brought me many jaw-dropping books, unfortunately. I thought I’d round up the top five books I’ve read this year, in hopes that I add some more amazing reads to the list before the end of the year. 1// The Arc of a Sythe Series by Neil Schusterman…

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    Tell Me Lies: A Review

    WARNING: There may be spoilers in this review.  We all have that one person we know doesn’t treat us right, but we can’t help being in love with them. For Lucy, that person is Stephen. Stephen is mediocre at best, but Lucy can’t help going back to him time and time again. Tell Me Lies starts out in present-day New York with Lucy working a so-so job heading off to her best friend’s wedding. Lucy is a jumble of nerves because she knows her ex-boyfriend, Stephen, is going to be there. The rest of the book is mainly told in flashbacks to the pair’s college days reliving their tumultuous relationship. This book…

  • 8.07.20
    Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 08.07.20

    Everyone wish Maggie a happy birthday! I understand it’s incredibly extra of me to through my cat a birthday party (my roommate and I got fancy cake — it wasn’t really a party), but we all need something to look forward to during this ongoing pandemic, right? Aside from Maggie’s birthday, this week was very, very quiet. Client work has slowed down a ton, and I’ve settled into a good rhythm of dinner and TV/reading at night. I also gave my body a much-needed break and worked out less this week subbing in my normal HIIT workouts for more leisurely walks. All in all, it was a much needed “quiet”…

  • August Goals

    August Goals & A July Update

    How in the world is it already August? I know I’m not alone in thinking we really would have been out of this pandemic by now, or at least the worst of it, and I struggled in July with the fact that it wasn’t over. Because of that, I feel like I almost wasted the month? I know I didn’t — I had a retreat for a non-profit board I am a part of, I went to the beach (safely) with my mom, and I had a holiday weekend — but I just feel like I got nothing done. I’m determined to make August a much more “successful” month, at least in measurement against…

  • July Reading Wrap Up
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    Books I Read in July

    Another month full of lots of reading! I don’t know if it’s my competitive nature (with myself) or the increased downtime due to COVID-19, but I am still so excited about all the books I am getting through. I’ve read some that have been on my list for ages, some recommended by friends, and some brand new finds. Let’s get into what I read during the month of July. 1// Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders — Audiobook I’m upset that I didn’t like this book as much as I wanted to. I listened to the audiobook since the full cast was raved about, but I never really connected with…

  • 7.31.20 Catching My Eye
    Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 7.31.20

    Happy Friday! I know lots of people who make jokes about the weekend being just the same as the rest of the week, but I still look forward to those two little days of zero expectations every week. This week was quite the rollercoaster between work and personal stuff, so I’m hoping to get some much-needed downtime and practice a little self-care this weekend. What’s on your agenda? Let’s see what’s been catching my eye… 1// This list of books about voter-suppression… Early voting ends tomorrow in Nashville. I am lucky enough to have not experienced any issues during my time as a voting adult in the United States, but…

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    An Update on My Antiracist Behavior

    It’s been almost two months since the revitalization of the Black Lives Matter movement that was invigorated by the wrongful deaths of individuals like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. During this time, I’ve experienced a myriad of feelings surrounding the movement from anger to inspiration to burnout. The most important thing I’ve practiced since the beginning of my antiracist education is reminding myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Racism, unfortunately, is not going away overnight. Hate will always find a place in some people’s hearts, and all I can do is speak out against it and educate myself as best I can on minority groups like Black-Americans,…