• How to Read More
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    10 Tips on How to Read More

    Almost every new year I hear from my friends that they want to read more. I love that for them! I think reading is one of the most joyful experiences, and as long as you’re reading things you love, I am all for reading more! Here are some of my tips on how I read so many books in a year. Let’s get started! one | set intentional time It’s really hard to get things done if you don’t have time set aside to actually do it. I specifically set aside time in the morning because I never know what my nights are going to look like. If I can…

  • Weekly Outfits Featured Image

    Week of Outfits | 1.17.21 — 01.23.21

    Another quiet week during a pandemic has come and gone. I tried to mix up my outfits a little more this week, but it was still comfy-cozy as always. Monday, January 18 I actually had the day off from work, so I actually spent most of the day in bed reading but ran my weekly errands in the afternoon. Headband Sweater Dress (similar) Boots (similar) Tuesday, January 19 Tuesday was warmer than normal for a January day in Nashville, so I decided to break out a dress. Typical Tuesday, and I cooked a Hello Fresh meal for dinner that night. Headband Dress Shoes Wednesday, January 20 Happy Inauguration Day! Kept…

  • 1.22.21 catching my eye
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    Catching My Eye | 01.22.21

    We did it! This week was full of happy tears as we inaugurated President Biden and Vice President Harris. We have our first female Vice President. This is truly so amazing. This is especially exciting for me because VP Kamala Harris is half-Jamaican, and my parents are Jamaican. It’s a huge step forward in so many ways, and I am so excited to see what this new legislation brings. In more personal news, my boyfriend and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary this weekend. It’s inspiring to see how much we’ve grown independently and as a couple over this last year. I’m excited to unwind together this weekend, go on…

  • Meal Kit Delivery Update

    An Update on Meal Kit Deliveries

    If you know anything about me, you know I don’t cook. Well…that’s changed in the last three months! I bit the bullet and invested in Blue Apron, a meal kit delivery service, back in November, and it changed my life. (This is not sponsored. I wish it was. I really do. But I mean everything I am saying in this post.) I started off with Blue Apron because all my research showed it was more affordable and the meals were more diverse, but I always knew I was going to try both. I’m here to breakdown how I feel about them. Let’s get started! General Feelings on Meal Kits Clearly,…

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    Best Books to Kick Off the New Year

    There’s no better way to kick off the new year than with some inspirational books, right? Here are a few recommendations to help you start your year off on the right foot. Let’s get started! one | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Get your creative juices flowing for 2021 with Elizabeth Gilbert’s inspiring book, Big Magic. Gilbert explores the nuance of creativity and inspiration in this non-fiction book, and it is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Gilbert approaches conversations about creativity by talking about how to face your fears and tackle your passions. This book is now in my rotation of annual reads, and I highly recommend picking it…

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    Week of Outfits | 1.10.21 — 01.16.21

    This was another quiet week (aren’t they all in COVID). I had a few small girl’s nights with my quarenteam. I’m so bad at getting dressed in the winter — especially when I’m working from home — but I’ll keep trying. Let’s get started! Sunday, January 10 Today my boyfriend and I set quarterly benchmarks for our goals, set up a check-in system, and watched football. (I read while football was on in the same room, so that’s kind of the same thing, right?) Sweatshirt – Gift from my company, but it’s Comfort Colors Leggings Slip-Ons Monday, January 11 On Monday, I decided to get all dressed up with no…

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    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 01.15.21

    TGIF! I don’t know about you, but this week felt like it was a million years long. I had an overwhelmingly productive beginning to my week, and all of a sudden, I crashed yesterday. I couldn’t focus on any of my tasks, and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Believe it or not, I think all the events of the previous week had finally hit me. Sometimes I can take longer to process upsetting incidents (this has happened before with loved ones’ deaths, family drama, and news items). I’ll be completely fine when it’s happening, and then a week, maybe weeks, later, I’m a mess. It’s definitely…

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    Top 10 Anticipated Book Releases in 2021

    Despite having made a highly curated TBR list for 2021 I am obviously still very excited for all the new releases coming out this year. I always make a list of new releases I’m looking forward to each season — rarely do I ever read all of the books, but it’s nice to add to the TBR isn’t it? Here are only some of my most anticipated releases of 2021. Let’s get started! one | Bride of the Sea by Eman Quotah Muneer and Saeedah have settled into their life in America and are expecting their first child, but everything is not as lovely it seems. Soon, the pair are…

  • 2021 TBR List
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    2021 TBR List

    I participate in POPSUGAR’s reading challenges every year, but this is the first year I planned it all out. I picked a book for (almost) every prompt, and I have a stack of those books that I already own sitting on my dresser, easy for the picking when it comes time to choose my next read. I didn’t want this post to be 800 pages long, so I left off the description of the books, but I linked everything, so you can still read more about it. Let’s get started! one | a book published in 2021 TBD. I’ll probably instinctively pick up a new publication, so I don’t want…

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    Week of Outfits | 1.03.21 — 01.09.21

    Fair warning, I didn’t change out of my leggings or put shoes on all week. It was a very quiet week of working from home and running one small errand each evening. Let’s get started! Sunday, January 3 My boyfriend and I spent the day goal setting, both as a couple and individually. It was such a great exercise, and I recommend it to anyone with a serious partner in their life. Henley Leggings Monday, January 4 I spent the day working from home — it was a super busy day, so I didn’t really leave my computer all day. Headband Glasses Flannel Leggings Tuesday, January 5 Just another day…