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    Introducing “A Spoonful of Honi”

    Why, hello there! Welcome to my brand new website, “A Spoonful of Honi.” You may be wondering what spurred this rebranding decision, especially since I just relaunched “From Narnia to Neverland” last August. It may seem a bit soon to be doing all this change, but I felt like the time was right. With all the change I’ve been going through in my personal life, I thought it was only right for my blog to go through some change to. The last nine months have been a time for me to figure what I want this blog (and my life) to truly be — a creative outlet to talk about…

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    April Favorites

    April was a bit of a wacky month for me. My friend from Germany visited at the end of March, which threw my first week of April off balance since I didn’t prep for the week like normal. And then, in the middle of April, I went to Virginia for a weekend, which threw me off again for an entire week. Even though it was a bit wonky, I made some amazing memories with old and new friends, and found some new things to love. Let’s get started with my April favorites! 1. Dresses with Jean Jackets I’m the queen of wearing a self-imposed uniform, and I can already tell…

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    The Art of Being an Introvert

    I am a female. I am a young adult. I am a college graduate. I am a Florida native. I am a cat person. I am a sister. I am a bibliophile. I am a perfectionist. I am a Sagittarius. I am an introvert. It might sound weird, but being an introvert is a huge part of my identity. And surprisingly enough, it’s a part that I have struggled with for years. One third of people in the world are introverts. Or, at least that’s what this Forbes article says. To be honest, I couldn’t find any clear statistics on how much of our world is made up of introverts,…

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    May TBR

    I have recently fallen into the world of Booktube, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t loved every minute of it. Some of my favorite videos to watch are TBR (to be read) lists, and I’ve been inspired to start creating monthly (possibly seasonally) TBR lists myself. I think this will be a fantastic way to read the books that have been on my list (and shelves) for years without blindly reaching for a new book after I’ve finished what I’m currently reading. Let’s get started! Image from Goodreads 1. “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr My mom gave me this book over the summer…

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    The Key to Life: Balance

    “Some nights you drink tea, some nights you drink whiskey.” – Atticus You might have noticed that I’ve undertaken a lot of monthly challenges lately. I’m constantly pushing my limits to be the best version of myself. I try new things, cut negative habits out of my life, and try to make time for what is important. Amid all the slashing and replacing and changing,  I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that balance is the key to a happy life. Deep down, I think we all know that. It sounds so simple. Balance. It’s something we are told from an early age — balance, balance, balance. Despite the…

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    Top 5 Evergreen Children's Books

    One of my favorite things about reading is being able to escape into a world that isn’t my own. An added positive is to learn something new or gain a new perspective on life while flipping the pages. That’s where children’s books come in. Before you angrily close your window at my suggestion to read a children’s book in your early adulthood, hear me out. Children’s books teach important lessons about friendship, family, learning, and pursuing your dreams — lessons that are applicable at any age.  I’ve got a list of five children’s books I think are evergreen and can be learned from at any stage in life. Let’s get…

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    A Guide to Nashville: 72 Hours on a Budget

    With one final click, you’ve got your ticket booked to Music City. You’re ready to head down to Broadway and hit all the Honky Tonks, drink bottomless mimosas, and learn all about country music. Or are you? There’s more to Nashville than what initially meets the eye. While it’s great to connect with your country roots and drink a mimosa or two, I’ve got a guide for you that touches on some of the free/inexpensive things to do in Nashville you might not think about upon first booking your trip. This post was inspired by a friend coming into town for a long weekend. It’s partly a chronicle of her…

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    Pumping the Brakes

    You may be wondering why you aren’t reading this blog post on a whole new website with a brand new blog name. I’m sorry, but I’ve got your answer right here: I decided to wait. Launching a new blog requires a million tiny little tasks to get done behind the scenes, and I had way too much going on this weekend to dedicate any additional time to a blog relaunch. So, I decided to wait. I decided to take my time and get it right rather than rush through the process and fix all the little things after I launched. And I thought that was an important lesson to discuss…

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    5 Books to Read this Spring

    Spring has finally sprung! With spring officially having started on March 20, I’m still waiting for it to feel like spring in Nashville. With the promise of 65 degree weather for the coming weekend, my hopes are high. I can’t wait to pop open a new book on my deck and enjoy the breeze while flipping pages. I’ve compiled a list of books that came out in March or are going to be released in April that I think will make fantastic spring reads. Let’s get started! Image from Bloomsbury Publishing 1. “Circe” by Madeline Miller | TBR: April 10 A fictitious tale featuring a range of mythological heroes and…