• 03.04.21 Catching My Eye
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    Catching My Eye | 03.05.21

    This week was a doozy my friends. On Monday, I got some scary news that I might have to get some minor surgery done soon (only scary because I’ve never had surgery before), and it feels like it’s been years since I got that news. For the first time in year, I was truly scared, and my team showed up. My boyfriend’s giving love language can sometimes be acts of service, and he was so excited to step up in this way in the last week. My mom’s best friend offered up an amazing connection that eased a lot of our fears. My friends have checked in on me continuously.…

  • March 2021 Goals

    March Goals & a February Update | 2021

    Happy March friends! I’m sure you’ve read this everywhere, but I truly cannot believe it’s been a year since the pandemic truly began in the United States. Rather than dwelling on that, I want to look forward to what I’m hoping to accomplish in March. To be blatantly honest, I am experiencing some health issues that are making it harder than normal to keep up a workout routine and reading habits, so I’m trying to be kinder to myself in those areas of my life. Without further ado, let’s get started! February 2021 Goals Update one | develop a newsletter to send to my subscribers monthly Unfortunately, I did not…

  • Books I Read in February
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    Books I Read in February

    February was a quieter month when it came to reading. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into my audiobook or e-book choices, and I felt like I was a in a little bit of a reading slump. I’ve picked up some good books for March, and I hope to get back into the groove of things, but for now, let’s get started with what book I read in February! one | The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides Alicia Berenson killed her husband, and now, she’s refusing to speak. Theo is obsessed with Alicia’s story, so obsessed that he gets a job at the hospital she’s being treated at. Theo is determined…

  • Catching My Eye 02.26.21
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 02.26.21

    Happy Friday! I can’t believe it, but this week felt like a taste of life pre-pandemic with all the virtual meetings and work I had to get done. It really made me feel like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. With people getting vaccinated and the weather getting warmer, I’m definitely getting excited about potential summer plans. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but I’m also trying to be optimistic. this week’s good things: coffee, my roommate got a new job, professional connections Let’s get started! one | cold-call your friends, or don’t Fun fact: I actually hate when my friends call me out of…

  • Best Advice Featured Image
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    The Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

    One of my friends asked me the other day if I’ve always been as confident as I am now. My question is, am I really that confident? For the average 26 year old, I feel like I’ve faced a lot of life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been extremely fortunate to always have a roof over my head and food on the table, but I also learned at a very young age that the only person you’re guaranteed to have in this life is yourself, so I’ve worked really hard to love me and fight for me. I’ve heard a lot of amazing advice in my short time on this…

  • Snow Day Reading Featured Image
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    Books To Curl Up With On a Snow Day

    We had snow here in Nashville last week — real snow that kept me in my house for a week because this girl does not drive in the snow. All I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and read for hours. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you want to look at it) I had to work all week, so I didn’t get to have a traditional snow day, but it did make me want to create this list of books to curl up with on a snow day. Let’s get started! one | The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid Monique lives in modern-day…

  • 02.19.21 Catching my Eye
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 02.19.21

    This was truly a week for the books. A massive snow storm (sleet storm?) hit Nashville, and I self-selected to stay at home and remain off the roads for my safety and the safety of others. Not only does Nashville not really have the infrastructure for snow, but I am from Florida, and while I can handle any hurricane that comes my way, snow is a whole different thing for me. On Wednesday, I was searching for places that were delivering because I was embarrassingly low on food, and a true hero was delivering from Walgreen’s so I snagged from emergency mini-pizzas to tide me over until the weekend. Fingers…

  • DIY Mood Board Tips

    DIY: Mood Board Tips

    I got really into making mood boards this year because I had some extra space in my planner that I ordered from Golden Coil (I know they are expensive, but they are totally worth it. I am in love with mine.) I had the perfect two-page spread right at the start of each month to create a vision for the next thirty days. If you’re looking to create a mood board similar to mine, you’re only going to need a few things: Photos (I grabbed mine from Pinterest, but you can do it the old school way with a magazine) Washi tape Double-sided tape or normal Scotch tape that you…

  • Cover of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
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    Book Review: Big Magic

    Courage. Enchantment. Permission. Persistence. Trust. Divinity. The six components of creativity according to Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic.  Big Magic is one of those books you read, and it changes or affirms your perspective on everything. Gilbert has a unique approach to creativity and inspiration that I think most people can benefit from reading. Rather than viewing creativity as this painful, elusive entity, Gilbert thinks of it as a gift that flits in and out of your life only if you let it. I’ve always struggled with calling myself a creative person, and the way Gilbert approaches the topic makes it possible for anyone to live creatively as long as they give…

  • 02.12.21
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 02.12.21

    It’s been an interesting week. From freezing rain to snuggles with Maggie, I am definitely ready for the weekend. I don’t have a lot to add here other than I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day no matter what you do with the day, so let’s get started! one | lana condor says goodbye to lara jean It’s the end of an era! The final installment of the To All the Boys I Loved Before came out today, and I can’t wait to watch it. I loved this piece where Lana talks about the importance of Asian representation in media, mental health, and of course, Lara Jean. two | a roundup…