• 04.09.21 Catching My Eyes
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    Catching My Eye | 04.09.21

    TGIF. After two weeks of working three-day weeks, a full week of work almost did me in. While I’m excited to see life picking back up as flowers blossom, I’m also a little sad to see the quiet days of winter slip away (Only me?). This week was packed with meetings and just a little bit of stress related to some upcoming projects, but I’m excited for it all! this week’s good things: I finished two amazing books, I got a new awesome black, studded cup to drink water from, and I got to spend time with friends one-on-one. Let’s get into what’s been catching my eye this week! one |…

  • April 2021 Goals

    April Goals & A March Update | 2021

    Happy April! It feels like we were just celebrating New Years 2021, and now, it’s already the start to the second quarter. Wow! My first quarter of 2021 was pretty great — I didn’t accomplish everything on my to-do list, but I made a good dent. I’m on track with my reading goals, and I knocked some big tasks off the list. First Quarter Wins: I gave up sugar for 40 days (with one “cheat day”) – something I never thought I would be able to do. I led a non-profit through a crisis with a solid communications strategy. I’ve read 20 books already this year! March 2021 Goals Update one…

  • Best Books of 2021 So Far
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    Books I Read in March 2021

    Happy April!  March was an interesting month for me — it’s when life felt like it was finally returning to normal. We’ve had some beautiful weather in Nashville, my boyfriend and I have had some more weekend activities pop up, and we are both scheduled to get our vaccines next week. Things are looking up! Despite everything going on in life, I managed to finish seven books in the month of March – I’m now up to 20 books read in 2021, which is a huge accomplishment for me. Let’s get started! one | How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi — E-Book Kendi’s book on antiracism differs…

  • Hyped Books
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    Hyped Books I Can’t Wait to Read

    I can’t be the only one that sees the same book over and over again on Bookstagram and Booktok, right? I know I’m bound to be disappointed by these (I usually am at least a little let down by anything that’s overhyped), but it doesn’t make me want to read them any less. Let’s get started! one | Shadow and Bone (series) by Leigh Bardugo Because the Netflix show is coming out soon, this is the only thing I see on my TikTok. Between Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo might be the most hyped up author on social media (aside from Sarah J. Maas). Shadow and Bone takes place in Ravka, a…

  • Asian American Authors To Read

    Books to Read by Asian Authors

    In light of the recent hate crime that took place in Atlanta last week, I wanted to compile a list of books written by Asian and Asian American authors for anyone to read. I happened the be reading How Much of These Hills is Gold last week, and it inspired me to create this list. There are so many amazing, inspirational stories out there. I want to keep diversifying my reading and learning about other people’s stories, and I hope I can help you do the same. Let’s get started! one | How Much of These Hills is Gold by C Pam Zhang Lucy and Sam only have each other now. After their…

  • 03.19.21 Catching My Eye
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 03.19.21

    Happy Friday! This week was a weird one. I was totally thrown off because of the time change, and it was really hard to get into the groove of things. Aside from the time change, I am also heartbroken over the horrible hate crime that occurred in Atlanta this week. My heart goes out to my Asian friends who are feeling more unsafe than ever as well as the families that were impacted by this atrocity. I can’t fix this situation, but what I can do, is provide you guys with some amazing books to read by Asian authors to support the community. Look out for this list next week.…

  • Winter 2021 Favorites
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    Winter Favorites | 2021 Edition

    Spring is springing in Nashville. It hasn’t quite sprung, but I’m definitely getting the feeling that winter is coming to a close and warmer days are ahead. To honor the changing of the seasons, I wanted to share a little wrap up of the things I’ve been loving over the last few months. Let’s get started! one | brush hair dryer I bought this hair dryer back in January, and it has truly changed my life. I’ve never known how to blow dry my hair, and this brush makes it so easy. It only takes about 15 minutes. All I have to do after I’m done drying my hair now…

  • One Year Later
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    One Year Later

    It’s officially one year since I started working from home. One year since I thought, “Life will be back to normal in two weeks. How much can change in two weeks?” Oh, how little I knew. My world was about to be rocked. This past year has changed a lot for a people. Some people found out how important going out to eat was to their social life. Some people found out how much they really value their family. And me? Well. I found out a lot. Let’s get started! one | i kind of, almost like coffee now When the pandemic started, I was a strict vanilla almond milk…

  • 03.12.21
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    Catching My Eye | 03.12.21

    TGIF. This week feels like it’s lasted eons, and I am so ready for the weekend. Truthfully, I don’t know why this week has felt so long, but I’m excited to get some good reading time in on the couch this weekend. this week’s good things: some delicious Hello Fresh meals, lots of quality reading time with my page flags, knocking all the items on my to-do list out before the weekend. one | daily habits to improve your mental health Routines are my saving grace. I get up ridiculously early for someone that doesn’t need to clock-in until 9 a.m., but I want that time in the morning to journal,…

  • Anticipated Spring Book Releases
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    Most Anticipated Spring 2021 Book Releases

    I don’t know about you, but I am very ready for spring. We’ve had some pretty beautiful days in the last week or two, and I’ve been dressing for the weather I want, not necessarily the weather I have, and I am a-okay with that. With a new season come new book releases! Let’s get started with my most anticipated spring 2021 book releases! one | The Elephant of Belfast by S. Kirk Walsh Based on the true events about a zookeeper and an elephant, The Elephant of Belfast follows Hettie Quin and her three-year-old elephant Violet during World War II. Hettie works at the Bellevue Zoo in Belfast as Violet’s personal keeper.…