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    An Update on My Antiracist Behavior

    It’s been almost two months since the revitalization of the Black Lives Matter movement that was invigorated by the wrongful deaths of individuals like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. During this time, I’ve experienced a myriad of feelings surrounding the movement from anger to inspiration to burnout. The most important thing I’ve practiced since the beginning of my antiracist education is reminding myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Racism, unfortunately, is not going away overnight. Hate will always find a place in some people’s hearts, and all I can do is speak out against it and educate myself as best I can on minority groups like Black-Americans,…

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    The Girl He Used to Know: A Book Review

    Imagine grocery shopping after work; looking for the perfect microwaveable meal so you get enough nutrition but don’t have to work too hard. Now picture running into your ex. Not just any ex, but the ex you haven’t seen since you tragically broke up ten years ago after a traumatic life event left you both feeling lost and confused. The ex you always wanted to rekindle things with but never knew how. That’s what happens to Annika in The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves. Annika and Jonathan meet at chess club during their senior year of college. Annika doesn’t make friends easily and is surprised when, after being…

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    Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 07.10.20

    Who’s ready for weekend? I know I am. This week has been insane, and I’m ready for a quiet few days before heading to the beach (safely) with my mom next weekend. I’m excited for some downtime. I know we have all been looking at these last few months as downtime, but even while working from home, I’ve been busier than ever. Let’s get into what’s been catching my eye this week! My roommate drew me! How amazing is she? Check out her other work on Instagram @sarahstonecreative. 1// These helpful tips for keeping your cool during tough times… If you haven’t had at least one freak-out during the last…

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    July 2020 Goals (& An Update on June’s Goals)

    Life is slowly, slowly starting to return back to normal. Not fully, but the pace is definitely picking up as more and more people are venturing out of their homes. I’m still mostly keeping to myself, but more calls are being scheduled for activities outside of work and more friends are wanting to socially-distance hang, so my calendar is quickly filling up again. I secretly love that life is getting back to “normal” because I love keeping busy and crossing things off my list. Since coronavirus isn’t going away any time soon (please, just wear a mask), we are all having to adapt to a new normal. Here are my…

  • Books I Read in June
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    Books I Read in June

    I read a wide range of books in June. From some antiracist education to some light, teen romance, I kind of read it all. They weren’t all five star reads this month, but it was still a good selection of books. Let’s get started! 1// Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins In Perkins’s final installment of her young adult series, she follows Isla (Eye-la) Martin and Josh Wasserstein as they fall madly in love in a short amount of time. Isla’s had her eye on Josh since their freshman year, so when she runs into him at a cafe in New York, it’s Kismet – literally, that’s…

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    Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 06.19.20

    Can I be honest with you guys? I am not doing so hot. Between Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, and every other tragedy going on in the world that we don’t even know about, I feel like I’ve woken up to a lot this week. Don’t get me wrong — this is a very good thing — but it also leaves me feeling very overwhelmed because how am I supposed to help everyone? The answer is, I can’t. Duh. But, I can keep focusing on educating myself and others. And donating when I can. I’ve also learned, that you have to pick your causes. I think I’m going to spend the…

  • Pride Month Reading list
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    Books to Read During Pride Month

    Happy Pride Month! If you don’t know, Pride Month is celebrated every year in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan which served as the tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the US. I’ve compiled a list of books I have either read or heard were great books that feature LGBTQ characters or were written by people who identify as such. Let’s get started! 1// Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz Aristotle and Dante don’t fit in. Aristotle is angry at the world, and Dante is a know-it-all. But when the two meet at the pool one summer, an…

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    Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 6.12.20

    What a week. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. From listening and learning about the Black Lives Matter movement impacting the nation (world) to trying to survive during a pandemic, I am beat. I don’t know if I have anything poignant to share this week as I am truly just trying to keep my head above water at this point. I hope this is a pivotal moment in history. I hope this is a year we look back on and say, “That’s when everything changed.” Until then, I promise to put in the work. I promise to keep fighting the good fight even when I’m tired. I promise…

  • June 2020 Goals

    June 2020 Goals

    We’re almost halfway through June, but it’s never too late to share a little goal setting, is it? I have to admit, I haven’t been nearly as goal-oriented as I usually am since the coronavirus forced us all indoors for the past three months, but I’m trying to get back in the swing of things as the world starts going again. These are some overarching goals for the month, and I hope to knock them off my to-do list, but I obviously have 8 million other things I’d like to accomplish. I’ve got to start somewhere though. Let’s get started! 1// Develop my plan for continuing to educate myself on…

  • Books By Black Authors
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    Books to Read by Black Authors

    Our work is not done. I was really mad last week. I hope you were, too. I was mad about the injustices in this country. I was mad about people not understanding the power in their words and actions. And I was mad that I had previously been a part of the problem. I am listening, learning, and growing just like a lot of people in this country, and I am committed to staying mad until things change. I compiled a list of reading recommendations based on books I’ve read and books I’ve heard are amazing and want to read. I’ve also separated it by non-fiction and fiction because it’s…